Searching for a Boston Terrier

  1. I live in LA. Any ideas where to find a puppy?

    Please post pics of your BT's. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: love them...
  2. anybody....
  3. Here's a Boston Terrier rescue in Southern California
    Boston Terrier Rescue Southern California Los Angeles Adoption Boston Buddies
    The ones named Bonnie and Dolly are so cute!! As is Oscar!

    Here's one in Northern California.
    wonder dog rescue // bay area boston terrier rescue

    If you're looking for a puppy, check with the American Kennel Club in your area:

    Here is the main link for their breeders:
    American Kennel Club - Breeder Referral Search
    and here are all the recognized boston terrier breeders in the U.S.

    Hope this helped!
  4. I love Boston Terriers. They're little cuties.

  5. Thanks Jillybean. you are the sweetest.:flowers:
  6. I was going to suggest the same thing!

    How To Find A Reputable Breeder

    I have two retired show dogs, and one semi-active. While you might
    not want to show your dog, it's still really important to find a GOOD
    breeder that is responsible and carrying about their breeding program.

    You can find "pet quality" dogs from great litter for a very good price
    as well. These dogs will be infinitely better prepped for life than the
    best dog from a backyard breeder.

    If you can rescue one, that would oustanding!! I have done breed rescue
    and fostering and placement for the Weim Club and it's always wonderful
    when you can put a great dog into a loving new home.

    Good luck!! BTs are adorable! Keep us posted :yes:
  7. I have two BTs and they are my world!! Meet Nelly (B&W) and Plumm (red)
    CIMG1150.JPG CIMG1191.JPG
  8. they are adorable mpark and love the tags.....very cute....
  9. I grew up with bostons and so did my husband. My grandparents had two- Sugar and Dolly! I looooooved those dogs when I was little!
  10. i have 3 dogs, including a boston terrier named beans. we adopted him from the boston terrier rescue. bostons are notorious for breathing problems, knee problems and can be prone to neurosis and ocd due to inbreeding (back yard breeding, puppy mills, pet stores). either look into rescue (ours was 3, but had all the qualities we want) or look at the boston terrier club of america at the referral list of breeders. breeders can't pay to get on the list, they have to earn the privilege to be on the list.

  11. ahhhh so cute!! :heart: :heart:
  12. my chunky monkey, sunbathing...he's a rescue