Searching for a Black Day

  1. I called NM at the Short Hills Mall. They have one but the new gold hardware for $1295. I want one in the original hardware or at least cheaper.

    I haven't called BalNY yet. None at eBay but I'm nervous to buy on eBay.

    Any other options?

  2. Thank you! Of course here is the million dollar question- where can I get the best price???
  3. Nordies in Sacto has one black day w/ RH that is really distressed..not sure what your preference is. Call Sarah Hinkle at 916-646-2400 and she can email you pics!!
  4. Barneys in nyc had one as of last week. The list is $995 on it I think. Either that or $1095, I can't remember.
  5. Thank you Ladies!!!
  6. If anyone knows where I can get a good price on this bag, please let me know!! Thanks!
  7. I prefer to get my bags at BalNY. It's free shipping and tax free to California.
  8. Oh, I did speak with Daphne yesterday. She does have a few black Day's in stock. I live in NJ so I would still get charged NJ tax, which is a bit cheaper than NY tax.
  9. did you try aloha rag? free shipping and no tax...
  10. I just held one in my hands today!! Call Neiman Marcus in Paramus NJ, they have a 2007 black day with RH and the leather was really, really nice!! :yes: Phone to the store is 201-291-1920 Good Luck!!
  11. PO- Cool, thank you! Why didn't you buy it? How much was it? Thanks!!!
  12. NYCMOom- I just looked at aloha rag and I didn't see any B bags for sale. Thank you for the tip though!

    I'm also a mom too. I have 2 little girls :smile: I'm a born and raised NYer who moved to NJ kicking and screaming.
  13. are you kidding? are you me? (oh wait, i have a son and daughter)...i'm going to pm you...and in the meantime you might want to email aloha rag, they used to carry balenciaga and not list them on their site (although it's been awhile since i bought any b bags there so i'm sorry if i'm giving you out of date info...)
  14. NYCmom- I sent you a PM!