Searching for a black & brown shoulder bag... any suggestions?

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  1. Hi TPF! I am searching for a shoulder bag (larger in size) that is both black and brown. I really want a two tone bag due to how versatile they seem and how it is easier to mix and match it with your wardrobe. I am not sure where to start looking though. I am not committed to any specific designer, and I would love suggestions. I like LV DE, but I really want something leather. Also, affordable never hurts :smile:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. In the few hundred dollar range, I have seen both Michael Kors and Brahmin in black/brown combos. On the higher end, I believe Celine and Chloe have both offered combos like this, but they may be past seasons.
  3. What about this one from Fossil?

    Edit to add I would just google "black and brown handbag" or something like that and look at the image results. You'll find a lot of stuff that you won't be able to get anymore, but it will give you some ideas of where to look.
  4. Thanks! The Fossil bag is cute!

    I was posting to see if people had specific bags that they really liked and could recommend.

    I will definitely try googling as well :smile:
  5. I was in Macy's today and Giani Bernini has a line of black and brown purses out right now. The Macy's website has some, but there were more in the store.
  6. I would recommend LV DE, of course it's not leather but it's indestructible! You can wear it in all kinds of weather, it needs no maintenance, it's lightweight, versatile, can be dressed up and down and also become your everyday bag.....
  7. Thanks everyone! I ended up snagging this beauty at my local upscale consignment boutique! Marc Jacobs :heart: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396539321.565112.jpg
  8. Anyone know the name, might post in the MJ forum, think it might be called a "Hudson"?
  9. Was just helped in another thread :smile: if anyone is curious, she's a chestnut Hudson! I was close :smile: