Searching desperately for a Violet First

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  1. Good evening, Ladies, and happy Thanksgiving!

    I have been looking all over (or calling all over, rather) for a violet first with absolutely no success. Has anyone seen any locally, or does anyone have suggestions to help?

  2. join the club..! lol :p the violets are sooo rare! gl with ur find!
  3. I saw one at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Have you tried there?

  4. I haven't! I will call them tomorrow! (Wow, what a day to call them...worst of the year!) Thanks very much.
  5. i've seen them at Barneys on madison too. good luck!!
    did you try balny?

  6. I had the strangest experience with them when I called! I got a series of automated options that were all about contacting different managers of the store...I never had the option to talk to an associate. Whenever I pressed a number for a specific manager, it would say that the manager I was looking for is currently unavilable! I thought maybe you can't order from them on the phone or something!
  7. try Cult Status in Australia... they're pricey but if you're desperate...