Searching a picture of "Chance of love" of Mauboussin...

  1. Hello everybody,
    I'm french (so I'm sorry if my english is bad) and need help :push:
    On July, I've reserved the last one ring "Change of love" number 1 of Mauboussin, which has 0.10 carat. After a walk in Paris, I've returned to the shop, and decided to buy the ring: But I'm sure that the sellers give me the ring "Chance of love" number 2 (0.20 carat). Now, I'm in Germany and I don't have the possibility to see if it is an error, and if I'm right or not ! I've searched everywhere pictures of the ring of 0.10 carat, but I just can't find anything !! ... Can you please send me the pictures of your own ring "Chance of love" number 1 ?? I want to compare them with mine...THANKS A LOT for your help,
  2. [​IMG]
    Sorry, I forgot: the ring looks like this one, but the diamond is smaller, because it has 0.10 carat.
    Thanks again :smile:
  3. Hello everybody...
    I've no answer and I regret it...Perhaps someone of you could get a picture of this rinf with a 0,10 carat diamond ?

    Please, help !
  4. Probably no one has responded because they don't have this ring. Have you tried to contact the shop directly? It's a very pretty ring!

    Call the shop and ask them the difference in price between the .10 carat and the .20 carat ring to see if you were charged correctly for it.