SEARCH TIPS - how to use the glorious search function here at PF

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  1. There's been a lot of discussion about the search function lately, so I thought maybe it'd be a good idea to start a thread of search tips, to help people better find what they're looking for.

    TIP (amiekbs8)
    : It might be helpful at times to select the "show threads" option rather than the "show posts" option, as the number of results will be reduced and by looking at the title of the thread (instead of individual posts), you'll be able to filter out the threads that are impertinent to your question.
  2. TIP: If you're looking for pictures (say, of the City with GH), it's better to go into picture threads (such as ones in the reference library, clubhouse, etc) and searching in those particular threads for "City GH" rather than doing a search in the main Balenciaga forum since this will help filter out the discussion threads.
  3. Thanks, Jira. Just bumping this up.
  4. Great thread Jira! :yes:

    TIP: If you are looking for F/W 08 pics try searching a few different ways, like Fall Winter 2008 and then 2008 pics.

    The search feature is only as good as the data we are searching for, KWIM?

    This is exactly why descriptive titles are so important :tup:
  5. Great effort Jira!
    Fat bumping this! :yes:
  6. THis is the thead for me! :smile:

    Why do I search sometimes and I'm told in so many words 'not possible'. I can never tell if I don't have enough words in my description or too many. Is there a limit to number of words or the opposite...has to be so many?
    And are there words or numbers that one can not use?

  7. You have to have words with more than two characters, like '08' won't work
  8. bump:supacool: