Search problem - "brief" yields nothing!

  1. I did a search for the word "brief" in the Balenciaga subforum and came up with no search results. I know that there must be MANY occurrences of that word, so I don't understand why nothing is coming up. Can you help?
  2. P.S. I tried misspelling it as "breif" and I did get results with that search. Really strange!!! :confused1:
  3. maybe most people use briefcase{?}
  4. There are many, many occurrences of the word "brief" in the Balenciaga subforum. Here's a Google search which proves that there are at least 450 occurrences of that word in the Balenciaga subforum:

    Why is the Purseforum search of the word "brief" coming up with "no results to display?"

  5. I'm gonna look into this for you - no idea why this is happening.
  6. Thanks Vlad! I really appreciate it!
  7. I get no results for 3-letter words (3 or fewer letters aren't counted). This is really frustrating me. I can't search "epi", and when I search "speedy sag" I get 5 zillion "speedy" but no sag.
  8. I wish that could be changed as well...I'd like to be able to search for "GH," for example, since most people are using that abbreviation now for "Giant Hardware" in the Balenciaga forum.
  9. I will have a talk with the techs to get this issue addressed.
  10. Thanks Vlad!
  11. Hi Vlad!

    One more question here - the "AND" operator used to work, but doesn't seem to anymore - I just did a search for "bolide AND alma", in the titles only, and threads only, but it returned many results with "bolide" OR "alma" in the title. I remember the "AND" used to work w/ the old UI... thank you! :flowers:
  12. Boolean operators are enabled, we recently changed the search... I'll have that looked at, too.
  13. ^ Thanks, Sugar Daddy!!!
  14. I also have issues with the search function when I search for "part time" and "part" on the Balenciaga forum. Just wanted to let you know!