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  1. Uhm ...

    Question about search. Ok, I was searching for something and my stores (yeah all of them) apparently doesn't have it. It's for a particular color in a particular leather. So one of the stores said they'll send an email out to all the stores and see if anybody has it.

    That has me confused. Couldn't they just get an identical item, scan in the bar code, and then see the list of inventory throughout the U.S. and then find the color and leather combo at whatever location that way?

    Wouldn't it be faster and more effective than hoping that one of the stores will be willing to dig through their inventory?
  2. I am not sure...there is a book that lists products by leather and color (accessories anyway)... Anytime I have asked for a search, the SA enters the item number in the computer and the stores that carry that item pop up... Should add that in many cases...the store has already sold the item in question...may take a bit of time for computer to catch up with actual inventory...
  3. I thought there wasn't one centralised system for the US?
  4. See, that's what I thought too. I don't know why they're not entering the item# into the system to pull up the item. I'm a little tired of doing the searching myself ...
  5. The mothership stores are on one system.
  6. The SAs I've spoken to so far just say "Yeah, I guess I can look" but never actually get back to me. I guess it's not important enough - and I get tired of looking, too. I understand your frustration.
  7. My SA locates items for me all the time... they must have some kind of system, he get's back to me fairly promptly with the availability and location of the items I ask about.
  8. Bloody heck ... now I'm paranoid ... things had been really "off" lately ...
  9. Perhaps I'm just unworthy then.
  10. I guess same goes with me then ... May as well, out of a job, shouldn't be buying H right now ... oi ...
  11. Ladies, ladies, maybe I am just asking about 'regular' stuff that's easy to find...
  12. Hey Kou - My SA has made calls for me in the past, but never mentioned any sort of database. I was under the impression that each boutique was independently managed (order their own inventory that they feel will sell) so perhaps that has something to do with it?

    Hope you find what you're looking for :biggrin:
  13. Searches have been done three different ways for me.

    Calls -- if the store is independent. They will have to call the other stores.
    Look-up in database -- for smaller leather goods like my Karo, and scarves
    Email sent -- to all stores asking if they have anything in stock in a particular leather. The stores may or may not respond.
  14. Well, we can be unworthy together! :roflmfao:
    I don't let it bother me. If I really want it badly enough, I'll find it.

    And you'll find a great job soon, Kou. Much better than the one you had hopefully!:heart: Hope you find the leather/color you want too.
  15. But I was only looking for a ... uhm ... Gah, damn the paranoia!!!!:push: I'll just SMS you later ^^.