Search function

  1. For now, the search is disabled to assure stability and uptime of our forums. I prefer to have an up-and-running forum without search than a slow and unresponsive one with search.

    I will work hard to provide a viable alternative very soon. :cursing:
  2. Thank you, Vlad...I was trying to PM you to beg you to turn it off again but couldn't even do that!! I miss the search, but in a pinch, I try a Google search and often come up with good results...e.g.:

    jamie lynn pregnant

    (I just picked the first thing that came to my mind as an example...sad, huh? ;) )
  3. Thanks for all your work on it. I never realized how much I used it till I couldn't the last couple of days. Definitely a case of "you don't know what you've got till it's gone!" Hope you come up with a good solution that doesn't require a lot of effort or expenditure.
  4. Not a problem doing without it if need be, just grateful for tPF in any form.
  5. Good luck Vlad.

    I've also been using Google to search tPF in the meantime, and its not a bad fallback...
  6. i will be integrating a temporary google search solution later today actually.
  7. But there are some posts in PF that can't be accessed by Google. :sad:
  8. I used the search function like crazy, lol. Hope it returns... or something else that did the same thing- search within forums, and the ability to search two words together... and search by poster as well.
  9. I think Vlad is working the best he can to return it back to normal. . . patience por favor:tender:
  10. Thanks for your hard work guys!

    I do miss the search function terribly. Google doesn't order results by "most recent", so it gives realllly old results sometimes. Am I doing it wrong?
  11. I was just looking for the search function
    Glad to see I was not going crazy
  12. Current search error message is rather disconcerting:

  13. ooo i miss the search function
    sometimes i want to dig up my old thread t give a new update and usually i can found it by doing a search on the thread started by me, now i dunno how to do that and i have to start a new thread in results :sad:
  14. thanks ...I was wondering why I couldn't search!

  15. I got the same message when I was trying to find more posts by a certain member. (She cracks me up, I wanted to read more of her posts.)

    Made me feel like I was... spying or something.