Search for the perfect coin purse~

  1. I just downsized my wallet from a full-on checkbook wallet to a Coach wristlet, and I'd like to have a separate pouch for coins and change.

    I'm not particular picky about color, but I would like something appropriately sized for just change... and nothing too, too pricey. :biggrin:

    I've been looking at the round Coach coin purses, but I'd love to see some other ideas you guys might have. :tup:
  2. I have this coach one - fyi the front turnlock pocket is faux, but as a coin purse it's perfect.
  3. tj maxx always have some cute ones, i found mine there, a michael kors in silver, really cute!!
  4. I use a Marc Jacobs one and I also use it as a smaller wallet sometimes too as it easily fits credit cards and a ton of cash. It is $125 I believe, at least it was when I bought mine a few years ago. Here is a photo of one borrowed from another TPF member, EMMY. I have the one just like hers, black w/ silver hardware. It's the smallest accessory pictured (the one at the bottom). It's a great size and I love mine! :smile:
  5. Hayden Harnett has a bunch. I bought the owl one and it's very cute, but it's too small to use as a real coin purse. I just use it as a charm. Depending on how much change you want to hold, you could try a Coach mini-skinny or a small Coach wristlet.
  6. I have a leather coin purse from hayden harnett and i love it
  7. How about Louis Vuitton pochette cles? They come in different materials/colors!
  8. Oh my gosh, sooo many choices! The HH coinpurse is just PRECIOUS! I'm trying to decide what print I like best... But I love the little purple Etsy one too... arrrgh so many choices!

    The pochette cles is waaay out of my price range for a coin purse. :biggrin: But it's so pretty!
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  10. That is totally neat sallycon, I always love seeing the ones that unfold whenever I see someone pull one out, always a different one!