Search for the Ideal Work Bag: Epi Brea GM?


Nov 9, 2011
Hi All

I've been on the hunt for the perfect work bag. I'm a recent grad and took up a full time job at a nonprofit organization right after graduation and will go for my MA next year as well.

It really should be:

1) Understated (for my workplace it would be inappropriate to have loud logos/etc. due to the clientele I work with so thats why I haven't used my existing bags as work bags)
2) Roomy (hold files, work-issued surface pro, 2 phones, small cosmetic bag, bottle of water, sarah wallet, etc.)
3) Durable (I'm on the go a lot)
4) Shoulder strap option a plus (since I carry a good amount of stuff and like the versatility of two strap options)

I don't manhandle my bags but I don't baby them either.

I've been looking at the large YSL Sac de Jour (quite heavy for all-day carrying w/o shoulder strap, prone to scratches), Mulberry Bayswater (quality issues, prone to scratches) LV Alma MM (not quite big enough), LV Neverfull DE GM (have the mono one and LOVE it but its inappropriate for me to wear in the workplace…but the DE/DA are still pretty well-known prints...and I like but don't LOVE DE…although I love the red interior ;))

Through TPF the Epi Brea GM has come across my radar and it looks like it fits the bill. I've looked at the different Brea threads and it seems like people really like it for work. The question is….matte Epi noir or Epi electric? I'm 22 years old and want something understated and has the ability to "grow" with me…I feel like the electric is more youthful but needs extra care compared with the matte epi. If I did end up getting one it would be my first Epi piece.

Anyways, any thoughts or mod pics of your Epi Brea GMs as work bags would be great! (And other suggestions for the ideal work bag are welcome too!)
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Howdy Y'all
Oct 22, 2012
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I wonder if a colorful Epi Neverfull MM would fit the bill? The colors are gorgeous, it's very understated, and it can hold a ton!

I can't help much regarding the Brea GM as I only have MM's. I love them, but the Zip Closure is a bit hard to zip. I don't care because I just use it as a lovely handbag - no work items or computers and such. (I carry a briefcase every day for those items)

Hope you find what you're looking for! ;)
Feb 4, 2009
I have both the brea GM and the epi NF MM (both in black) and I use the brea GM for more formal days (i.e., going to court or client outings). I agree with tulip that the epi NF would fit the bill as well. I love epi bags bc they're so understated but classy.

I use the shoulder strap on the brea GM a lot- the opening was something that I got used to quickly and I love how I can throw it around and there's not a scratch on it. I don't baby my bags either. The epi NF has far more scratches on it for some reason... Perhaps it's bc the leather is softer?

If I could only keep one of the two though, I'd stick with my brea GM, as it's perfect with jeans too. I pair it up with some charms, too. I just got this charm yesterday View attachment 2714591 . I love the brea GM- and it seems to fit all your requirements!


Jun 12, 2014
Toronto, Canada
Brea is the perfect work bag, I had two in MM, I gave one to my mom. Brea is inspired by the doctor's bag and my mom is a doctor, so, perfect! She loves it dearly, and we are bag twins (sort of)~!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1407701533.571602.jpg

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