Search for the Great White Shirt

  1. My search for the perfect white shirt is proving fruitless so I'm using the best resource a gal can have ;)

    I do so love the way H photograph things and the new scarf cards have me really inspired to break out the scarves more often. But I need the great white shirt.

    I intend checking the upcoming RTW but what is your fave white shirt to wear with an H scarf.... and (more importantly) where'd ya get it?? :graucho:

  2. OMG this is my huge quest lately too!! So much so, that I seriously attempted to PAY one of my friends to "personal shop" and find me a perfect white shirt. While she refused to take the money, she did point me toward Banana Republic, of all places, where I did find a lovely white shirt that I enjoy (though the sleeves are a bit long on me).
    There's always Anne Fontaine for ultra high quality white shirts in myriad styles, but they don't fit properly across my big boobs, so I had to settle for something decidedly more downscale.
    Haven't had a chance to get to Thomas Pink lately, but that's my next place to check out. I believe (but am not sure) that they also do a bespoke shirt there, if you're near a Thomas Pink boutique.

    Also, man I love that colorway of Guepards! It's the one I have and it's :heart:.
  3. I am looking too... for the perfect white shirt and for the perfect surgeon who can transform by belly to look like that!
  4. whats "guepards" mean? dont know the design........
  5. the best shirts for woman are by craig taylor (tyler?) you can get a Neimans...........amazing
  6. cheetahs
  7. I need one too. We need to get a white shirt bulk discount. In fact, put me down for two.
  8. They're cut too small for me!! :crybaby: I have several left over from when I was skinny--if anyone wants them, I probably have several different sizes of them, LOL. I used to wear a lot of Craig Taylor.
  9. cheetahs---ah thanks. someone the names are always prettier in french
  10. I think it means "cheetahs" (or leopards, but those are cheetahs on it). Here's a pic of mine that shows more of the design, though the pic isn't well lit. I LOVE this scarf!
  11. hah white shirt my business lol ok i love to get some tailored but another fave fave brand of mine is anne fontaine or brioni or loro piana made to meassure all of them are just sublime akris , la perla and jil sander are also good as is ann demeulemeester or dior homme (just get the smallest sizes the look is very edgy)
  12. The bulk of my white shirts are Anne Fontaine, but I've also picked up some very good ones from Etro and Thomas Pink.

  13. thats odd.........i always felt they were cut boxy more like a mans shirt.
  15. Um. I gained a LOT of weight. :sad: