Search for large tan Muse

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  1. Has anyone living in NYC seen a Large Muse in tan color recently ? YSL store says they've never had it in tan, Saks is out of stock at the moment, who else could have one? Help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!:biggrin:
  2. duna, try the YSL on Madison and 71st. I could swear a saw a large tan in there yesterday. Good luck! And let us know if you find it.
  3. YSL in South Coast Plaza (CA)?
    Last resort is (item number is 0413632248731). It's on pre-order, expected ship date is no later than 6/15/06.

    If you get it from YSL, check out the return policy. Whenever I have something sent to me in the mail (can't inspect the details in person), I make sure I can get my $$ back instead of just store credit. In the past, I received authentic bags with defects (misaligned zippers, messy paint leaking onto the leather portion, etc) which are unacceptable for such expensive bags. Good luck. =)
  4. Thanks Girls! I'll check these out...:biggrin:
  5. You can pre-order at I know it won't be here until 6/15, but it's the only place I have seen the tan in the large size. Also, if you use the shopmarch code, you get 10% off your order. :love: