Search for Ivorie Stephen-if found in other country, will they ship to USA?

  1. gosh i am always soo late on the LEs, good for my wallet, but bad for my's aching every time i see Stephen post.....:p
    So i called 1866 to check for Ivorie Stephen, but of course it's been long gone, is the entire Stephen one season only bag, or the mono is perm.? I've read in here not long ago about how Germany LV have almost all the LE's in stock, if i were to find Stephen in stock outside of USA, is there anyway i can purchase still by phoning them? I refuse the pay 100% mark up from eBay, it's asking 4k!

    If anyone see it around USA (any color will do at this point), Pl pm the store!
  2. will do! I know eBay mark up is nuts!
  3. PinkSuadeSoho~thank you for keeping an eye out for me ^^
  4. Classic Chic.. I'm the same with LE's

    Stephens were sold out yonks ago in Australia by the time i found about then

    Luckily, my SA was smart this time and put me on the wait list for the new rivet bag that will be out on the 22nd (it was delayed from the 15th Jan)!!

    But at AUD$4700 (rrp in US is $3300 i think according to the look book posted), my wallet is going to die
  5. what color of rivet are you thinking? black or white? but for that price, i'd rather have Stephen instead...:crybaby:
  6. They still have the leopard stephen and mono stephen at my store ...I saw them today:yes: I prefer the mono stephen as it seems smaller than the Ivorie Embossed Stephen (I tried it on and it was HUGE on me and I am 5ft 10inch)...have you tried on any of the Stephen bags??? That may change your opinion on it. You may desire the embossed one more or less:smile:
  7. LV will not ship internationally...if you know someone in another country they would have to buy and ship it to you.
  8. Classic CHic, i'd originally was wailisted for the black but changed it to white, and am still waiting for it as it'hasn;t been released yet

    I enquired about the stephen on the LV info line in australia but it's all sold out
  10. I am wait list on Elux for Stephen, I really don't want to go the eBay route as the mark up is not reasonable 2K mark up on a 2k bag is ridiculous! I'd rather wait for it to pop up on let trade or just use the fund for the new keepall 50/60 roller bag and save another 1k. Sigh, if i can't find it, at least it benefit my wallet ^^;
    whenever i call 866, i always try to call at least twice for the same question, same w/SA, b/c they just don't get it straight......

  11. awww that sucks!
  12. Is $4k 100% markup? What was the original RRP in the US?
  13. will, the mono Stephen is 2070, but the Embossed leather one is actually above 3k? but even so at the price of 3k, Ivoire Stephen on Ebay is running at 4.7k, a 30% mark up, Miroirs don't even get marked up this high....
  14. any luck find the embossed or monogram stephen. I despertly want to find it, just not on ebay.