Search for Indy lovers!

  1. I have never opened a thread before, but was looking for an Indy thread....but could not find it! I just love this bag!! Before i have seen it IRL i heard the bag is heavy and not practical to wear but i do not agree (maybe i am used to heavy unpractical bags!) but a few days ago i saw the bag and held it and wow!!!! I prefer the plain black bag (without the silver, but with the guccissima leather). Tomorrow i am going to the gucci store to buy the bag!! i think it is timeless (the plain one)
    somebody here who has the indy?? what is your opinion? do you use it a lot? And pictures are welcome!! and if you do not like the bag, why not?
  2. I happen to think the Indy is where it is at, maxima. I love the new one, even if megs rated it a "fug." However, I am certainly not paying $4000 for it. Sheesh! I may consider buying another Indy, but I hear they are very hard to come by. . .
  3. I think the Indy is gorgeous too. I don't think they are that hard to come by but it depends on the particular one...

    I would love, love, love either the gunmetal or red python but $4-5000 is way out of my league.

    I like the black guccissima leather next best though I think.

    Anyway, it's in my top 3 for bags I am obsessed with... along with the Fendi Blueberry Spy and the new LV Nimbus in Perle/Anthracite. Unfortunately I can't justify buying a new bag at the moment:tdown::sad::crybaby::cursing:
  4. I am sooo glad someone finally made a thread about the Indy! I am on the hunt for the one with all of the flowers...

    see pic...


    Is this suede or leather?
  5. i think it is suede, but i am not totally sure.......someone else?

    girls, yesterday i have bought the indy in plain black and it is SO GORGEOUS! I am so in love with it! I do not have my camera at the moment, bt will make some pics next week! I have the plain black from F/W '07! I had so many designer bags in my hands but this is it for me! I love the colour of the hardware: it is champagne so matches with silver and gold. i can use the bag going to the office, but also for a party!!!! I am so happy!!
  6. I like them too, but honestly, I don't think I would get much use out of it. It is heavy, IMHO. I just like to look at it and wanted one so bad, now I'm glad I didn't get it, b/c I think I would have sent it back.

    Don't ask me why, but it reminds me of the Fendi Spy Bag.
  7. I am thinking of getting the Indy which is pictured above..however, I am waiting to get feedback from the TPF community...such as is the bag heavy...if it is a good fit etc...anyone who purchases this bag please let me know what you think of it....I refuse to purchase another bag just to sit it in my closet....
  8. Congrats! Ca/n't wait to see pics. Did you get the leather or the canvas
  9. I have the black one in leather with the guccissima leather on the bottom (not the "mirrors"). I do not think the bag is heavy, my Chloe bay is heavier! I use the shoulder strap a lot as I go by bike to work and it works fine for me! Althought the shoulder strap is not too long you can use the bag in messenger style.............but it is a real fashion bag, there are more practical bags where getting in and out the bag goes easier......but i dont care! Love the bag! More beautiful than on a picture! I am still waiting for my camera (borrowed it to a friend), but will make pics then
  10. I like some of them, but only the special colors or patterns. The smooth leather and jaquard ones are yuk! There are lots on bluefly right now.

    This red guccissima one is gorgeous. :yes::drool:

  11. Here are some NM San Antonio has
    IMG_1434.JPG IMG_1487.JPG
  12. the indy bag is hot hot hottttt!! i will be purchasing mine soon. the all black with the guccissima leather on the bottom!! to die for. i had to choose between either that or the platinum "brit" medium tote with adjustable straps [and single shoulder strap] i chose the "brit" tote and its coming in the mail as we speak from north carolina to dallas!!! it was a hard choice but i figured, i would get the indy in a couple of months.
  13. I have purchased the Gucci Indy with the mink tassels and it is absolutly gorgeous, a real fashion piece. I got the one with the mink tassels and light gold hardware unlike in the picture here. The brown leather is also metallic and beautiful. The picture really does this bag no justice!

    It is not as heavy as my new Versace handbag (which is HEAVY). But i am also worried about how much use i will get out of this bag! I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or not! Can you guys please give me feedback??? (I STARTED A THREAD ABOUT THIS! lol)
    gucci mink tassel handbag.jpg

  14. UPDATE!! i returned the platinum "brit" tote to the dallas store and exchanged it for the "medium indy" black with the black guccissima leather on the bottom. Had to put in $200 more dollars but sooo worth it. I got the medium instead of the large, because im so short, the large just consumed my form. Although, i love the large size, i had to go with the medium, it just looked better on me. I'll post up pics soon, and my whole collection of purses. I LOVE THE INDY!!!:heart::tup::yahoo:
  15. I love it too! Just earlier I was lamenting at home on my usual forum (Chloe)that the one time I ventured into Gucci territory to discuss the Indy- nobody was talking about it. I think I'll set my sights on a red one just like that picture. In large because I am really tall and can pull it off. I've tried larges on in real life and they are soooo VEGAS!!!