search for a purple bag!

  1. Hi,

    I am desiring a purple bag. Has to be leather, tote-sized, able to fit over my shoulder, and around $300-$400. Any suggestions?
  2. Anna Corinna Jet Setter Junior in grape:
    With code luckybreaks3 you can get 25% off from lunaboston in September. Although I like the look of the style I don't have it because I don't find it that comfortable, but others may.

    I don't know if you'd consider a hobo but the Hayden-Harnett hobo can fit a huge amount without looking very full.
    Hayden-Harnett Havana Hobo in eggplant:
    Use code rock2007 for 15% off.
    Use lucky code.
  3. i was going to suggest hayden harnett as well...their amethyst color is gorgeous!
  4. oo I love that hayden harnett one. I've been looking for the perfect purple bag for awhile and I like bright purples. Do their prices ever get any cheaper? I;ve done enough damage and would rather wait if they drop
  5. I have the Hayden-Harnett Gaza Luxe Leather Satchel in purple. Gorgeous color, not as dark as in the photo on their website though. The leather is amazing. I'm considering selling mine though, I need a larger bag that will hold my laptop as well as everything else that I'm carrying around already.

  6. paintednightsky, they have been having regular crazy sales! If you can wait until around Thanksgiving, I think they'll be having another one. Might have some luck on eBay; also check - I think they have a code right now for 25% off with 'lucky03' or 'lucky3', not sure which it is.
  7. Thanks for the heads up indiaink. You think it'll be cheaper than 25 percent? because than I'll probably wait. I've been going crazy with so many varied brands of purses lately (thanks to this forum :angel::love: but I think my first (ok halfway lying because I bought one but haven't used it and will probably sell on eBay because I didn't totally love it) purple bag will be hayden harnett. It looks so beautiful. I'm even pondering a red purse since seeing some nice red bags on the forum.
  8. [​IMG]The Belen Enchandia purple is really nice!
  9. Such great options here! Tell us what you choose.
  10. Kooba has several styles out right now in a color called eggplant, it's more a more subdued dark purple/raisin-y color. Here's a pic of the Katy style from the Kooba site, but you can probably search for this (or other styles in this color) on other sites that have promo codes. The color IRL is gorgeous, not as brown as in the picture:

  11. Ditto on the Hayden Harnett bags. I was out shopping yesterday and saw two of the most GORGEOUS shades of purple! And the price range was between $300-$500 too.

    Good luck!
  12. I like the Hayden-Hartnett color, but the Havana hobo is HUGE! I'm looking for something smaller...
  13. It's actually not as big as it seems. I have two of the Havanas and love them -- the leather is so soft and smooshy that it really doesn't feel very big unless it is completely filled (which mine never are). There are photos in the HH post pics thread that might be helpful to show what it looks like IRL.
  14. I think Bulga makes some purple bags around that price range...