Search Delay

  1. Does anyone know how this works? If I list a bag and it takes several hours to show up in search, do my 7 days start at time of listing or when it shows up in search? I'm guessing when I list it but don't really know.
  2. It starts when your listing starts - not when it shows up in the search.

    I tend to prepare my listings and schedule them to start 24 hours later then there aren't any delays usually :yes:

    HTH :flowers:
  3. I was fuming about this earlier today because I posted a bunch of items around 2 a.m. and when I got to work this morning at 8, they weren't showing up in the regular search or under my seller's name. eBay should start the auction clock ticking when the auction show's up on the site. I
  4. This often happens to me as well. I've had items take over 24 hours to show up in the search. It's such BS. So you do a 5 or 7-day listing and basically one whole day is wasted if it's a high dollar item, which take longer to show up in the search. But of course FeeBay has their a$$ covered by the listing confirmation email they send after you list an item. "Your item has been successfully listed on eBay. It may take some time for the item to appear on eBay search results." Some time? I don't call 24 hours some time. And of course they are collecting your listing fee for the whole duration. I really can't wait until someone can finally give eBay a run for their money!
  5. I have spoken to Ebay about this. My bag didn't show up for several hours until after I'd listed it. The rep said it was because I'd revised my listing. Did you revise it?
  6. True..they are taking away time..but I choose my start times because I like the time the auction will end.
  7. That's not why.
    It's because they only run their database updates twice a DAY. Which is ridiculous when you consider the millions of new listings per day.

    When I have tracked it, my listings all seem to show up within about 8 hours--which is bad enough! If they screwed me out of a full 24 hours, though, I would raise some you know what with my Powerseller rep.
  8. Do you know if it works this way as well if scheduled through Auctiva?