Sean Young wanted for questioning in burglary

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  1. I know a lot of people here won't know who she is but Sean Young was in some pretty big movies back in the day - most notably No Way Out with Kevin Costner. This is sad.
    From the Daily Beast:
    Sean Young, ‘Blade Runner’ Actress, Wanted for Questioning in NYC Burglary

    The New York City Police Department wants to question actress Sean Young, best known for her starring role in Blade Runner, after she was allegedly caught on surveillance footage stealing two Apple laptops and video-production software from a Queens store, the New York Post reports. In the video, Young, 58, can allegedly be seen swiping $12,000 worth of goods with a man in his thirties around noon Thursday. Young starred in several major ’80s films, including No Way Out and Wall Street. She’s been no stranger to controversy over the years: In 2012, she was arrested at an Oscars party after allegedly slapping a security guard.
  2. What a pity... but who knows this may be the thing that leads to a career resurgence.
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  3. seems she's had problems for years - mental health I guess
  4. Dead.
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