Sean Taylor dies - UPDATE *arrest*

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  1. just sad....
  2. Such a sad day :sad:. Football lost another young talent. So sorry for his little baby girl.
  3. so so sad....

    I hope his family finds some kind of peace through this awful tragedy. He was so young and such a promising talent.
  4. yes its very sad. and he was only 24!! what a shock

    I heard he got shot while an intruder was in his house, trying to rob him
  5. This is just awful. It makes no SENSE at all.
    How disrespectful of his life and family..
    This man was home sleep..GOSH
    We are safe no where..
  6. I'm in shock-I thought he would pull through. :sad:
  7. Last night on the news it was reported that he was not doing well. I think there is more to this story than is being reported... I feel terrible for his family.
  8. Sad.
  9. :sad: how aweful!
  10. That is very sad.
  11. God bless him and God bless his family.

    My prayers are with his family, friends and fans.
  12. As a University of Miami alum and avid Cane football fan, I am absolutely in complete shock. Last night I honestly thought he would pull through. I didn't personally know him, but his last year at UM he had class right before me and I always passed him on my way into the room. He was so physically intimidating but he always held the door for me and my friends. So sad his life was ended so soon. May God bless his family. RIP Sean.
  13. My condolences My Purse Addiction.

    It's on the news now that they are looking hard for the person(s) reponsible. They say there was a break-in at Taylor's house eight days previously and they think it's somehow connected to the more recent breakin.

    I'm a 49'er fan, but football in general lost a great player.
  14. ^^ Thanks. What a huge loss for the Cane and football nation. I've been reading almost every update and it seems like it was a deliberate hit, not a random robbery. Thank goodness his daughter and fiance were safe. His dad is a police chief in South Florida so I'm sure he has everyone on the case.