Sealant rubbing off?

  1. Does the red sealant on the speedys ever rub off where the handles get the most use?
  2. It can, I think you can have it reglazed though.
  3. I have noticed mine does that a little but I asume its what they would call wear and tear right?
  4. yes it does. Also the glazing may crack if you bend the handles at strained angles. The good news is that you can always get it reglazed at LV
  5. ok good..i thought it was only me. thanks so much girls!
  6. The glazing came off of my wallet and they repaired it for free. Took about 3 weeks.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the red sealant could do this, as it is the same kind on doonies, which start to chip. What I have been doing with my speedy handles is squeezing them as I carry it so that one handle is resting ON TOP OF the other (hope that makes sense), that way the paint won't rub as much as it would if the handles were on the same level, rubbing back and forth. I hope that will lessen the chipping.
  8. I pulled up this old thread because the sealant started peeling from my mono Sarah Wallet. I took it to my boutique yesterday, and they are sending it in for repair. All the sealant will be removed, and new sealant will be put on my entire wallet. They told me it was from the opening and closing. Since my wallet is in brand new condition, they might not charge me. But, if charged, it's $87 + sales tax. I think that's a great deal, considering it's a $530 wallet and if left without repairing, the canvas would start cracking, etc. I use this wallet every day, and plan to keep it for a long time.

    Just thought there might be others that could benefit from this info.