Seal for leather edges?

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  1. Anyone know where I can get the seal/glue for leather strap edges? I recently got a few "vintage" legacy bags, and one of them has some wear on the leather loop edge where the brass ring holds up the leather bag. Its not too bad right now, but I want to keep it from progressing.
    I read on another thread that maybe crazy glue was a last resort since Coach won't fix this kind of thing. Has anyone gotten urethane glue, and if so what brand and where? There are a lot of different kinds that show up on google.
    Also has anyone actually used the glue on a leather bag?
  2. I'm wondering this as well. My Mandy has a spot where the coating on the leather loop is gone.

    I bookmarked this the other day:
    It seems like the edge product would be what we need.
  3. I also saw that website, and I was tempted to get the $20 sample kit, but then what would I do with all the extra bottles?
  4. leather/shoe repair stores have leather edgers/sealants.
  5. Try bed bath and beyond! they usually have it there....if not, Michaels
  6. Do you think a shoe repair shop would do a handbag too? It should be a quick enough fix for them.
  7. I found this interesting

    It shows how a leather belt is made from start to finish! I found this page when I was looking for some leather repair products.
    That Edge Kote looks like it could possibly be used for the Legacy bag loops where the coating has worn off. I'll have to look more into that....
  8. I went to the shoe repair forum a while back asking the same ... the expert replied ...

    What they use for the edges is a urethane color coating to cover the raw edges. The problem for you, is they are the only ones who can duplicate this process. :confused1: I think it is wise to return it to coach and have it done properly. We as repair shops have products to refinish the leather part but not the same for the edges.:rolleyes:

    Coach knows :roflmfao:

    I used Crazy glue for leather and wood to glue the separated leather. I have not found urethane glue anywhere. If I do I will post with glee!:yahoo:
  9. We're getting somewhere . . . TXCoachGirlie, I have thought the same about a shoe repair, I don't live near one (Country) so when I go to the city, I have to make a point of getting to one. As for the on-line shoe repair expert, he may have his own experience, but I notice on all my boots this same coated edge, so the product is out there.
  10. :tup:Good job! Arsweb! I bookmarked this the other day:
    It seems like the edge product would be what we need.

    We only need black and brown. Hopefully, it's available in small quantities!
  11. I did find the urethane glue at Michaels, but it was clear and Im not sure if it's always clear or if it comes in colors too. I think this kote stuff might be the thing, I'll have to check it out.
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  12. I just looked, that urethane glue is also on ebay! Its the same kind I saw at Michaels and is usable on leather.
  13. This is all good to know because my Clay gigi is having this problem on the edges of the straps. I was considering sending it in for repair but I don't know if I will get it back!
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    Someone said that Coach wouldn't repair that kind of wear. I'm going to try the urethane glue and edge kote and see how it works. From what I have read, that should be what I need to make the bag look like new!
    I'm going to get what I need to try it out. Wish me luck!
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  15. Some leather shops can mimic the seal, but this is what I bought for the edges. I use gorilla or super glue for leathers to bond the pieces down first. Even my SA told me last weekend she takes care of the splitting prob. herself on her own bags. If you send it off to Coach, there's a 50-50 chance they will repair it...and you're out your bag for a long time. Of course, the good news is that you can probably at least get your bag back along with a 40% off cert. For me, if it's a truly important bag that I would die if I lost in the mail or otherwise, I would just deal with it myself. Otherwise, if I didn't mind one way or the other, and they didn't repair, the cert. would definitely be nice.
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