Seahorses - my latest thing....

  1. I was inspired to make these after several people told me the earrings I that I made looked like seahorses. And I thought, ....hmmm....seahorses!.. Now I can't stop making them! What do you all think?



    The earrings that started it all:

  2. Wow!! They are soo pretty! Very creative :love:
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!:tup:
  4. Thanks, joanniii and sea4e!

    The frames are sterling silver and the coiling wire (up to 10 feet in the larger ones!) and thai silver beads are fine (99.9%) silver. I have used tourmalines, garnets, sapphires, spinels, and other faceted gemstone beads to give them sparkle. I imagine mermaids wearing them.:yes:
  5. Did it take you very long to make?~ Seems like a lot of work!
  6. They take about 3 hours. The biggest one is 3.5 inches and the smallest ones are 1.75 inches. Making jewelry is my meditation.
  7. wow, your work is stunning. and :wtf: wow, it takes so long to make! i applaud you for your efforts and work. the original earrings do look like seahorses funny. abstractly they do.
  8. Thanks aquablueness!

    I think it is the curl at the end that looks like the tail. :yes:

    I'm looking for a source for really tiny 18k beads so I can make one in gold.(the silver beads on the small seahorses are 1 mm.)

  9. These are sooo pretty! Great job! :woohoo:
    I envy you, I don't have the time to make jewelry anymore! :p
  10. Pippi, you make your jewelry so finely too. ahhh, 18k beads! ahh.. and looking back at the sea horses pix, you have such an eye for photography too, that stone background makes them look extra gorgeous.
  11. Those are gorgeous!!
  12. Wow, you are really talented! Is that your shop in your signature?
  13. Those are so creative! They look beautiful too. I love all the detail that you've put into them, must have taken a lot of patience :yes:
  14. Thanks everyone!

    PrincessGina - yes, that is the link for my website (under construction)

    aquablueness - thanks! The stones are pavers on my front patio. They are the closest thing I had to sand, now that I live in the mountains at over 5200 ft. elev. Kind of funny to be making sea-themed jewelry in the mountains!:lol:

    I'm working on a design for a dragonfly pendant next.

    Thanks for all the nice comments!
  15. Very creative!