are you getting your pics to load up?

  1. When I do it, I use manage attachments and you have to click on the attachment to see the pic. Yours load up automatically.Thanks.
  2. Since she's not guess is that she's uploading into Photobucket or some other web hosting picture service and putting the code into the message so it comes up automatically inserted into the body of the message:yes:

  3. thanks for backing me up sweetie :p
  4. thanks!:smile:
  5. u're welcome :love:
  6. Yeah ... I've done the same, using Photobucket and then pasting the URL into the text. I find that if I have to look through tons of pics via the "Manage Attachment" links, I stop mid-way ... I just don't have the time to view pictures when in work. It bites!
  7. sooo true :p
    i admit, i hate to click on each attachments to see the pics. that's why i always use this upload thing.
    and actually i think this way, we'll save the loads on PF hard disk?
  8. You know what I do.. and MODS, please tell me if this is bad! I upload the pic here the normal way. After I post it, I click the attachment and the pic opens in new window. I copy the properties and paste it in the body of my message with [​IMG] tags around it. That way I don't have to bother uploading it anywhere else. Is that bad? I guess if everyone did it that way it would be. :oh:
  9. Oooh!! Thanks ladies!!

    I've been trying to figure this out too, cos it's just so much easier to view. Just signed up with photobucket, and am totally looking forward to playing with my new "toy" :p
  10. :yahoo:
    congrats photobucket newbie :p
  11. If you don't want to sign up for an account, use ImageShack® - Hosting. You just upload it and then it gives you the tags for using it in blogs, livejournal, and thumbnails for message boards, as well as the link to the direct image.