Seafoam weekender on ebay!

  1. It looks so cute and big, I wanna hug it like a pillow. LOL.
  2. That's not seafoam - the hardware looks brass to me. I think its 04 turquoise.
  3. Oh yeah it does look like 04 turquoise! Still very nice though!
  4. I agree -- it doesn't look like Seafoam at all. It's 04 turq. But I really like it anyway!
  5. Holy Cow!!!!! Where are all these great bags coming from?!?!

    Geez ... in addition to the Pewter and Marron(?-Bordeaux-?), this is tough! I really wanted the Turquoise instead of the Seafoam (I have the Seafoam Weekender) ... hmmmm :graucho: ;)
  6. LOL they're all coming at once! CeeJay you could always get the turquoise and sell your seafoam?
  7. That's true ... but the selection is so great right now, I can't decide!!! Still thinking about the Pewter, not so sure about the Marron (I so wished it was Bordeaux), love the Silver Metallic City that Cougess has up ... arrrggghhhh !!!!!!!!!
  8. In case anyone's interested, I emailed the seller earlier and she's just replied, saying that her friend wants her to sell it at $1299.

    I'm totally mesmerised by the colour, but I would actually like to use it as a travel bag and as beautiful as the turquoise is, I think it's a bit too light to put up with my level of wear and tear. LoL

    So, I hope someone else from this forum snatches it up! =D
  9. I can't see this sellers photo's, EVER. Is it really dirty?
  10. No, not at all! It's gorgeous - with only a faint pen-mark on the back.
  11. I hope someone here gets it!
  12. Ugh, I have to pass and wait for rouge and pistachio...
    I hate that feeling, but I would die if I bought this and the colors I really feel I need come up.

    not on my list...
    not on my list...
    not on my list...
  13. She has a bubble gum pink up too? I guess she raised her starting price after the other bags were snatched up so quickly??
  14. :love: All of these gorgeous bags at the same time! The weekender is
    beautiful in the turquoise, but I agree with Lily I would get it really
    dirty traveling! Hope someone gets it :yes: and the bubblegum, so cute!:P