Seafoam vs. Turquoise...

  1. OOPS can someone move this please? No clue how it got here --> is supposed to be in the Balenciaga forum, sorry!!!

    Girls which shade do you like more and why, and how do they differ from each other? Is one more distressed than the other?

    Also, is the seafoam such an in demand color due to Mary Kate Olsen carrying it OR because of the beautiful shade itself? I only got into Balenciaga after the big seafoam hoopla lol, so I'm just curious ;)
  2. i have a seafoam city and i think its kinda blah HAHA, i just have it because the color looked on the olson sisters :smile:
  3. You don't like it?
  4. That's a hard decision... seafoam is beautiful, as is the turquoise. I can't choose :wacko:
  5. I definetely like the seafoam over the turquoise, especially the 05 turq. The color is just so pretty to me.
  6. I like both but prefer the darker seafoam colour.
  7. I agree that they're both beautiful colors, but I prefer seafoam...
  8. What I love about the seafoam is the silver hardware! but the turquoise is BREATHTAKING too, they really are VERY similar in color......
  9. I like the seafoam because it has silver hardware, and I'm a big fan of the older bbags with silver hardware.
  10. I think im falling out of love of bbags, although i do want either a green classique or a hot pink/magenta box or classique :biggrin:
  11. l1nknp4rk were you the one who sold your sefoam city to a woman for $800?
  12. I like both tremendously, but am totally in love with the seafoam shade
  13. I so want both!!!!! They are both definitely topping my want lists for Balenciaga City bags.
  14. i want the Turquoise 05 its such a bright and wonderful colour!!!! i like it more than the seafoam
  15. I love the green patina of the seafoam, but unlike MiMi and mlert, I prefer the brass hardware. I'd love to get a seafoam and an 04 turquoise and completely switch the hardware - the coolness of the 04 turq with silver; the depth of the seafoam with brass... yummy. And the 05 turquoise to me is in a completely different category - 04 turq is to seafoam as 05 turq is to apple green. (Sort of.)