Seafoam Twiggy!!!!

  1. wow, beautiful!!!!
  2. That's going to go fast!
  3. Ooh, it got a bid so BIN is gone........

    So pretty but I don't know if I could handle a bag that was passed around quite a bit and worn down/dirtied...... as usual though, TEMPTED!
  4. I am not maticulous with my bags but even I couldn't handle this one. It has been beat up. I would be a little embarrassed to be carrying a bag where it is worn through to the piping on the edges. Come on girls we are better than that. there will be another, and next spring's colors sound like there may be another seafoam color. Have patience, the right one will come along.
  5. :lol:
  6. Really? Is it so bad?
    I guess you're right otherwise the starting price wouldn't be so low.
    I'm at my boyfriend's house and I can't see the colours clearly in this stupid monitor!:hysteric:
  7. ^^I just read the description. Otherwise, the monitor is so crappy that it looks in great condition :lol:
  8. what was the bin??
  9. you know what might be a good experiment for someone? to send this to lovinmybags for refurbishment...they apparently can bring color back and everything....Chaussurewhore sent her bubblegum pink in and they totally restored might be worth salvaging this's a pity someone trashed her...
  10. I think the BIN was like $1059?
  11. I have to seafoam twiggy is very worn and "well-loved", and I think it adds character. I'm certainly not embarassed to carry it! The one in this auction doesn't look that bad, in my opinion.
  12. FJ, oh my gosh, I don't think that's what Loren is saying! Your bag (carried by YOU) must be absolutely fabulous and, heck no, you would not be embarrassed to carry her. But the idea of buying someone else's dirty and worn bag, no matter how rare and gorgeous, is less than appealing. Hey, I'm not saying I wouldn't do it--but I definitely know where Loren is coming from. *conflicted* lol

    Personally, I can sort of handle a worn, semi-abused biggest thing is inheriting someone else's *smell*. :lol: I'm psycho when it comes to that! I'd fear the bag would have a weird smell to it and that i could not handle.
  13. LOL Yeah, that's understandable! I wasn't offended or anything, just giving my perspective :flowers:
  14. it's a lovely color.......... *drools*