Seafoam Twiggy with the ink spot...

  1. Wow! someone has some serious work ahead of them. Thats a huge ink spot. Cant say I would have bought that one.
  2. I saw that too! I was majorly tempted all the way until someone bought it, but it looks like the ink soaked through and is pretty bad. That'll be a tough one :sad:
  3. That will certainly be a challenge! Hope it comes out!
  4. Woah, i would sh*t bricks if my pen leaked in my bag like that.

    Hope the buyer can get the mark out. Such a beautiful bag.
  5. so... um... in my experience, when ink has soaked all the way through the layers of the leather- not even a trip to a cobbler can fix it. I once had a calf skin bag that this happened to and I took it to my cobbler guy and he was able to lighten it- to a medium grey splotch instead of a black one. I figured that it was ruined anyway to I attacked it with some paints and the INK CAME THROUGH the freaking paint! I couldnt believe it. had to throw it away...
  6. Hopefully the new owner likes "Dot" as she is...
  7. WHOA! Well at least the ink is on the back side, I guess...
  8. Hey girls!

    I was the winning bidder on this bag. Yep, I too mulled over the decision, but in the end, I figured that if I receieve the bag and get it checked with a leather expert with absolutely no success, I could probably still recoup most of the costs by reselling it on eBay as it is. :crybaby:

    It's just that I soooo wanted to add a seafoam twiggy to my collection...!!!

    mocean - I'm so sorry that happened to your bag! I've got my fingers crossed that the cobbler can do something to improve the stain - without completely ruining the bag!

    hatikuh - :yes: That's what I was thinking, when I finally made the decision.
  9. Congrats Lily!!! It is definitely a beautiful bag!!!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats Lily! :flowers: Hopefully, a cobbler can at least lighten it up for you. Plus, like hatikuh said, at least it's on the back.:yes:
  11. me tooooooooooooooo!!! :wtf:

    p.s. best of luck to you Lily-girl :tender:
    p.p.s. every b-bag deserves love :heart:
  12. Send it to They do some amazing restoration work on Balenciaga bags.
  13. good luck with fixing it! :flowers: it'd ba an excellent buy if you can!
  14. I agree! I'm sure not only would they fade the ink stain..they'd probably get rid of it all together.Anyway good luck with the restoration of the's definitely a gorgeous bag.