Seafoam? Twiggy on ebay

  1. this is a mini twiggy, and it looks like it might be dolma green.
  2. Love Dolma green!!! I wish it were the city!

    So- it's authentic?
  3. Looks like Dolma Green to me. Not enough pics IMO to say if it is authentic though
  4. no one can decide about this bag... haha i think there was a discussion about it....
  5. I am scared of all these older greens popping up on Ebay. I would love a Dolma green, but yikes, the pics aren't good enough to convince me this is real!
  6. I agree this is a mini twiggy. Mushroom City's a wonderful seller of authentic items. She uses the same sort of "different" layout when picturing her items. Once she did have a real seafoam twiggy that didn't sell the first time (or two) for this very reason. In the rare chance it's fake, it would be unbeknownst to her and I know would make good on it. Even though she's a Marni afficionado, I still highly doubt she would make a mistake on a Balenciaga. I know several gals who have won things from her and were very pleased.
  7. Was it someone from TPF that got it!? :smile: