Seafoam hour left

  1. Hey twiggers! Will you be its new owner!:graucho:
  2. I don't think so...I'm holding out for a blue color (ink or cornflower)'s tempting though, very beautiful bag!
  3. OOOh I love the blues too. I have an ink city and an 05' indigo twiggy:graucho:
  4. are you the only one with an indigo bag?
  5. Im not sure, I remember a while back there was a PF member with an indigo day. But I havent heard of any others yet. Do you have one?:biggrin:
  6. No but I would love one. I am not a huge color person or a huge collector but I am really drawn to that and the teal and the turq (which I just got).
  7. Wow! Which one did you get?
  8. Just the mini-twiggy. Not as exciting as the other sizes but it looks cute.
  9. ...why is it not a city? :sad:
  10. Why is it not a hobo?!?!?:sad:
  11. I'm just glad it's not blue or hubby would be freaking on me right now lol
  12. I think the mini twiggies are really cute:love:
  13. Hopefully I will have it by tomorrow or at least Tuesday and I can post pics! It seems to be similar in size to the first but just shaped differently.
  14. Cant wait to see pics! Congrats!!
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