SEAFOAM shopper/purse just listed w/BIN

  1. very great deal! but the handles and the armpit area has yellowed a bit. i was eating a bagel and lost a bit of my appetite.. but its really a prettyyyy color! and wat a STEAL!!!
  2. Now I know who lvlady99 is!!
    I can never see her photo's, why is that?
    I almost bought it...eek.
  3. Great price but it's still a little too much for me to spend on a bad that looks dirty...hope someone else gets it though!
  4. How many more minutes until it's gone??
    10? 9?
  5. Gone! In a record breaking 3 minutes!
  6. Ha!
  7. OMG, too funny! It's the same girl who bought her seafoam the other morning. She must LOVE this color!
  8. Isn't that the same person who bought the last seafoam from her?
  9. wow can't believe it....who is this lil*pocahontas that keeps winning?

    She got the seafoam city too, and she got em both for *steals*
  10. this one was way dirty though. Her city was in better condition. I wonder if they are possible to clean.
  11. wow 2 seafoam bags from the same seller..:heart: :rolleyes:

    girls watch out coz that seller will be listing a seafoam weekender soon..:graucho: :heart: (as per her email to me)
  12. Yeah, that was her. Another person who must obsessively surf eBay every hour looking for these bags. I need to look into this :P
  13. This one looks like it was a purse though--not a shopper.