Seafoam Purse!!!

  1. wow lots of seafoam lately...
  2. It looks like it has been used a lo though.
  3. Used a lot is an understatement. I personally think no color is elusive enough for me to pay over 1000. for a faded, stained, really beat up handbag. :P
  4. Yea I really want a seafoam too, but this one is too yellow and the handles has totoally turned color....... :s
  5. Ditto.:yucky:
  6. It's funny that people thought it was beautiful when Amour was selling it--not a single negative comment was made! :confused1:
  7. I think Amour's was not yellowed. This yellowing seems to be a problem with light-coloured bags; looks like if one hopes for a BBag to retain their value, they should go for darker colours where soiling, etc., would not be so noticeable.
  8. It's the exact same bag, the seller got it from Amour.
  9. Ah, ok, I did not know that; I was not following that thread.
  10. Aha, well then maybe it is just a case of bad pictures making the bag appear to be yellow when it isn't:confused1:
  11. I think it might be the opposite - bertie's pics are clearer than the earlier ones, if I recall correctly.
  12. I'm surprised Bertie is starting the bidding so high for this one. She's usually quite in tune with condition vs wear.
    It must be the size and colour as a combo? Still, surprised.
    Although my opinion means nothing:lol:
    This is a steal to a lot of people.
  13. It's beautiful...I hope someone who loves it will get it!
  14. I think it looks quite worn and I wouldn't pay that much for a used looking bag no matter who's selling it because to get it back to life one would need to invest another couple of hundred $ and there wouldn't be a garanty that it looks as it supposed to look. But that's just my personal opinion.