Seafoam HOBO...RARE FIND...BIN $1299

  1. Oh, what a beauty!
  2. I saw this and FREAKED out ,too! AMAZING!!!!
  3. a seafoam bag in this color and style sold for a lot less just about a month ago. I forget how much, but it was a beauty.
  4. I knew I had seen something similar a while back. This one looks lovely. I just received my Calcaire Shoulder from LVlady today (havent opened the package yet, just picked it up). She ships very fast!
  5. Who got is so pretty!
  6. That bags beautiful. It's the first time i've seen this style.
  7. That was fast.
  8. WOW - that's a beautiful bag - I wish they still did hobos like that. :yes:
  9. ^^^Loganz~ I remember you from when I first joined the Bal section!!! You haven't been here in a while! Are you back for good now?:yahoo:
  10. Hi Zacorey - :flowers:

    yes - I am!! :yes:
  11. Oh my gosh! I WANT that...I've never seen nor heard of it before. Could I have a new Holy Grail developing? Boy, I hope not...
  12. I remember the same style color going for less also, I think it may have been lavoieb who sold it, but I'm not sure if the condition was as good (I had it on my watch list for a while).
  13. I'm wondering the same thing. I know it was a PF'er...can't remember who it is though.

    Hmmm...LoriB, is it you?:shrugs:

    Whoever it was needs to seriously post pics when they get it so I can really admire this rare beauty and decide if I should jump on one like it when it shows up on eBay.;)
  14. I'm the guilty party this time! I have a white version of this bag that I bought in early spring of 2004 when everything else was sold out, but I grew to love it. Seafoam was too much to pass up. I THINK it was probably only a 2004 style, and not all that popular or sought after at the time. I have seen 2 on eBay before, another white and a marron.