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  1. Ebay auction # 6883292652 Looks good, yay or nay?:biggrin:
  2. All gone! My gosh that was fast!
  3. FAKE! This is "one of those" from Bluefly.. I e-mailed her to let her know...
  4. KIM!!! NOOO IT'S FAKE! :sad: I saw it was you who used BIN...... :sad:
  5. it's gone already and for a good price too. I can't really tell with the pics b/c they put a film over them.
  6. And they are marking them up quite a bit too!
  7. That's definetely fake. It's from last week's bluefly fiasco.
  8. This makes me so mad. It's sooo incredibly irresponsible of Bluefly to unload these bags.
  9. Oh not too worry. My lovely 13yr. old daughter just hit BIN thinking she did me a favor:rant: I absolutely did not pay for it, and now Im praying I dont get a neg. feedback. Oh yes, she will be pulling weeds for a month for this one!!!!:mad:
  10. ...yeah, this is definitely definitely a fake - there are a lot of things off (the hardware, the color, the leather, the packaging, the silver tag...)
  11. aw, how sweet of your daughter (even if it was unintentional)

    I got scared!
  12. ME TOO :censor: :censor: :censor:
  13. As I was posting the thread, she came running out of her room, "MOM!!! I found one, I found one!!!! You'll never believe it!! Next thing I knew, I am the new owner of a lovely FAKE Bbag!:amazed: :censor:
  14. LOL! That is so funny though - you have your daughter searching?!?!?! That is adorable!!!! :love: