Seafoam First -lvlady BIN $1299 or BO

  1. Beautiful!! I almost bought Mimi's when she had it listed but I am still on the fence with seafoam. I like it, but I just can't seem to love it, and I worry it will yellow. It's beautiful but I like a lot of other colors better.
  2. I think I like it just because of the hype about it. Not sure, but I just can't see myself wearing a pastel bag that often.:s
  3. ooohhh reasonable price for this one!
    i love the silver hardware on seafoam!
  4. It's a great color, maybe not as beautiful as 2004 turquoise, but lovely. It doesn't really "yellow" over time, but it is a color that definitely changes to look darker with usage.
  5. I love this color. Personally I never think it photographs well and also, it is not a bag to sit in the beckons to be touched and worn, hence the used condition it often turns up in on eBay. This one seems to be in great condition. In person I find this color irresistible and one of my is light but not too light and mine is not yellow at all. Also the silver hardware looks great on it. If any of you are on the fence I suggest taking the plunge and seeing it for yourself...if you don't like it, it will be easy to resell...the leather on the seafoams is crazysoft.
  6. I REALLY want this one... will I crack this time?
  7. slinks looks so nice! maybe make an offer and hope for the best?
  8. I agree this is one of my dream bags too bag I'm broke right now:crybaby: but I love my new find