Seafoam First! BIN!

  1. i haven't seen one of these in a few months.
  2. It's beautiful!!! Gosh, the price is way too high for me though :sad:
  3. I think it's's in perfect condition!!
  4. this is a great buy... someone is going to snatch this up soon!
  5. I love that color, but $1700 for a small bag is way too much for me:crybaby:
  6. gone! congrats jakuten!

    first one I've seen since the beginning of summer and in AMAZING condition! WOW! you never see those! *faints*
  7. I always miss these great auctions! What a gorgeous bag :love:
  8. Wow! That was fast! I want a mint Seafoam sooo badly! I hope this upcoming S/S 07 will have something vaguely similar to fill that void. lol

    Congrats to the winner! :yahoo: was it a Pfer?:flowers: