Seafoam City?

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  1. Can anyone tell me if this looks authentic? And the color is a little bright for a seafoam on my monitor......
  2. No link?
  3. picture please...
  4. I don't see any photo's?
  5. Fake....sorry!
  6. $1450 for a fake seafoam...can't believe these people.
  7. Sigh, it is scary how people nowadays will sell fake as real, and strongly advertise they are authentic. That website has quite a few balenciaga there marked sold out, and looking at the price they were sold at make me sick.......
  8. Panda: For future reference, you should post authenticity questions in the stickes in each forum or in the Authentic This thread. It makes the mods jobs easier :biggrin:
  9. yeah, it's fake.
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