seafoam city or teal city?

  1. i cant deciiide!! can someone post pics?
  2. i love both - but seafoam is my fav.

    have you located both, though? b/c if you havent they are discontinued colors so will be hard to find :sad:
  3. Seafoam is beautiful
  4. Seafoam is much, much more sought after than Teal...and I think more beautiful, as long as it is in GOOD CONDITION...that's the big question. Also, make sure it's not Vert D'eau or Turquoise '04.
  5. I love seafoam!
  6. Definitely Seafoam w/ its Pewter HW :yes:

    Here is me modelling Seafoam Purse, HTH :heart:
  7. Oopss, sorry forgot to attach Pic :sweatdrop:
  8. Seafoam...I have been trying to find a good Seafoam for ages, but recently bought a Vert D'Eau to tide me over for a while...
  9. seafoam!
  10. Teal for me. The seafoam is pretty, but it doesn't do anything for me.

    But I loooove my Teals:love: I think it depends on which color makes your heart skip more:yes:
  11. teal gets my vote!
  12. Yummy choices!

    But, the seafoam does it for me! Its so gorgeous!

    Good luck, hope you having a wonderful holiday!