"Seafoam" but probably 04 turquoise city on Ebay?

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  1. Hi all,

    Did a double take on the first picture of this auction:

    I say it's 04 turquoise because of the brass hardware. Thoughts?

    I was *really* hoping it was seafoam! Looks authentic but private feedback always make me a little suspicious.

    If this is legit, someone BIN it! ;)
  2. Its a fake and the white classic the seller has in another auction is also fake. I would stay away when the feedback is private. BTW...I love your eggplant. :heart:
  3. I thought it might be a 05 Turquoise since the 04s are a lighter. What worried me were the bales since they look a bit square. Too bad there isn't a closer shot of those. The explanation of where it was purchased is a bit questionable also. Her other first listed is authentic and she offers a refund if there's a problem though, so it might be worth taking a chance.

    (update) oops..just read your post above mine. Forget it. I had no doubts about the white first but I guess I don't know any better. lol
  4. no.. stay away from this one. It's fake.
    I even asked the seller where she purchased it from and she said

    "Hi there, 3 weeks ago from a seller in Greece that gets overstock of balenciaga, fendi spy bags, YSL...etc...all authentic. It is a discontinued color from 2004. Feel free to email me if u have any more questions!"
  5. "Also look at the color of the hardware..studs and zippers....they should be a darkish brass/gunmetal color...NOT a bright silver!"

    That's a direct quote from her auction. Err...rubbish! At least if its actually seafoam.

    "I bought this bag 2 weeks ago from a seller from Greece who sells a ton of gorgeous authentic bags and shoes....probably overstock from high-end department stores etc."

    Arrggghhhh, the phrase of death!

    " keep my feedback private for my privacy and yours..that is the only reason for it...you can see that it is 99% positive..i have been selling on ebay since 2001...and I love it!"

    Sorry, maybe I'm stupid, but how is that helping my privacy? So people don't know what I've been purchasing on ebay? That's why you make the high bidder's identity private, not feedback. The transaction would still show up in the buyer's feedback regardless.

    Sorry - I slept very badly last night, and so have a much lower tolerance for BS than I usually do. Maybe its uncharitable, but when I first saw this auction I thought it was fake. I don't know for certain, but I'm irritated enough that I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.
  6. I had the nagging suspicion that something was off about this transaction. The private feedback and where she got this bag was already suspicious though but the pictures were too good to tell right away IMO. Glad you girls confirmed that. :yes:
  7. Thanks Kimisin :amuse:

    BTW, is it me or does the leather on her two bags look too much like the actual b-bag leather? That is scary O_O
  8. Here I thought this seller might have been innocently taken by the turquoise but she said she purchased her first from Barney's. That's a flat out lie.
  9. No buying from a seller on ebay with private feedback - believe me, there's a reason it's not posted. Also, if the price is too good to be true, chances are it's fake.
  10. I nearly fell for this one too, when I did a double take and realized the bales were a little weird..
  11. i think the bales are square too!
  12. I was just going to post this same bag for you guys to see. The bales do look to be square- her prive feedback is a red flag.

    There's an overload of fakes on ebay lately! It's really scary!
  13. that is just WRONG!