SEAFOAM BALENCIAGA on ebay! Grab it!!!

  1. Can't really see the tag cos of the the "R" in Paris o.k? Agghhh i want it!
  2. I'm not an expert but I believe this seller is fine- she's also a Poupette seller. You might want to get other opinions.
  3. Nooo someone got it before meeee!
  4. Oh- I think she's a Poupette seller- or used to be? Not sure!
  5. I would have grabbed it but don't want to put myself in debt! LOL- sorry you didn't snag it! Hope someone here got it!!!
  6. I guess the gods are against me :cry:
  7. The girl who got is a My Poupette seller too. Maybe she had a head's up?!
  8. She's definitely a poupette seller and fine. OMG I can't believe we all missed it. Darn!!! What a fabulous price too!
  9. Oops, sorry! Didn't see your post until after I did mine:rolleyes:
  10. ^ That's ok! Just didn't want to give wrong info!!! I should have bought it and sold it to one of you guys! I wanted someone here to get it!!!! It was a GREAT price too!
  11. AAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I wanted it!!!!!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:
  12. I find it hard to believe that it sold for $750 though??? Maybe they agreed to the BIN price with additional funds to be sent thru paypal. I'm sick that I missed out on this one :sad: OMG. Thanks for posting it though zacorey!
  13. Noooo! :censor: :censor: :censor: I can't believe I missed this. What a great price!
  14. I'm so depressed, I was about to press buy it now...and then it said ended....! Ahhhhh!