Seafoam 2004 classique

  1. aww - i'm sorry. She had 100% feedback so I was hoping....oh well

    Mods please delete!
  2. I hope no one buys that! $600 for a fake. Sheeeesh.
  3. Nope, totally FAKE. Round bales :sad:
  4. brass hardware
  5. And she says it's a city :yucky:
  6. ^^Thats another reason I thought it may be real - my god that's a ton of money for a fake bag!
    :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  7. And you can see yourself in's so shiney! Expensive fake! UGH :yucky: :sick:
  8. Love your puppy Avatar; a chocolate Lab? Very cute ...
  9. ^^Thank you CeeJay - that's my baby - chocolate lab. She's 3 now, but I just love that photo of her little smooshy puppy face. :heart:

    p.s. sorry about linking a fake bag ladies. : (
  10. atleast it comes from a smoke-free home.:whistle: :lol:
  11. Still looking for Seafoam anything!
  12. :lol: I just saw this... beaux, you're so funny. ;)