Sea0fYears' varied collection

  1. Finally! After six months of being a member I've finally gotten my bags together for their family portrait. :p This'll have to go up in two posts since I have too many pictures... I had no idea my collection was so big or widespread! Enjoy!!
    coach.JPG D&B.JPG katespade.JPG LV.JPG prada.JPG
  2. love the CB- that one is def on my wishlist!
  3. love your pieces, the white trouville surly is gorgeous.
  4. And here's the last of it... LeSportsac, Burberry, Lodis, Luella, and Lovcat. I just got the LeSportsac and I *love* it. I'll have to expand my collection a bit. OH! And my newest LV addition: an Amarante Cles!!
    misc.JPG cles.JPG
  5. mmm amarante!!! everything is gorgeous though!
  6. Thanks for posting all your great photos - I know it takes a lot of time to do that, so I appreicate your effort - lvoe all your LVs. I especially like the new amarante color! :yes:
  7. Great collection, congrats!
  8. Great Collection.
  9. Very Nice! Love them all.
  10. You have such a nice and varied collection! I especially like the speedies- what size is the largest one? I'm thinking of that size for when I travel.
  11. It's a 40. I use it as my overnight bag. I can easily fit clothing for a weekend away, including toiletries!
  12. I :heart::heart::heart: your collection! Especially the MC Trouville & Amarante cles!
  13. Very nice collection!
  14. Beautiful collection :smile:
  15. Thanks! The Trouville was actually a wedding present from DH :love: