Sea Water Products for Skin / Face


Dec 28, 2007
Does anyone use sea water as a facial toner? I can find a lot of sea water products for hair, but not as many for skin. There's an ETSY seller who something like what I'm thinking of, but I'm always more skeptical of products coming from small sellers.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?


Sep 26, 2006
New York City
The only line I know of that uses seawater for skincare is this new line from Skinfood (a Korean skincare company). They actually have three different lines based off of three different types of water: deep sea water, glacier, and thermal.

I used their sheet masks (one from each line) but they didn't make that big of a difference. I haven't used their toner or gel moisturizer however. It's hard to get in the States, but Amazon has the gel & toner for a little over $20 each including shipping. (link here). They're a reputable company though if you do decide to purchase a product of theirs.

I also think AHAVA makes products using water from the dead sea.