Sea Mist Mini Preston just arrived

  1. I am in LOVE with this bag and color
    1392916745695.jpg 1392916759632.jpg 1392916789816.jpg 1392916803443.jpg 1392916817782.jpg 1392916832816.jpg
  2. You are on a reveal roll today! I am loving this color!!!
  3. damn woman u on a roll today!!!
  4. That color is so pretty! This is a dumb question...but I can't get a feel for the size...can you take a picture of it next to something? TIA!
  5. So pretty. How does it compare to mini Tanner please?
  6. Outside pics first one in sun and second one in shade
    1392917045449.jpg 1392917059505.jpg
  7. Very, very pretty color. :yes: Love the shape, too.
  8. More pics
    1392917109661.jpg 1392917121284.jpg 1392917138989.jpg
  9. Pics compared w mini b and small sadie
    1392917177944.jpg 1392917191883.jpg 1392917203652.jpg 1392917216512.jpg
  10. That is adorable! I love the color! How much will she hold?
  11. Oh, I love the details and color of this bag. WOW.
  12. This is just so cute! I really like the color. Congrats!!
  13. Wow! Thanks so much for the reveal! What a beauty! Do you know how sea mist compares to last year's legacy "mint"? Thanks
  14. Gorgeous and adorable! Is it more blue or more green? And how does it zip on the sides? It looks like the leather folds in on the sides in some of the pictures, I'm trying to figure that out. I am sooooo tempted by this one.
  15. Can you please take a picture without the long strap on her? Thanks :smile:
    Super cute bag!