SE Pennsylvania Sellers in the Dark

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  1. Just letting those of you not living in the area here, that a lot of people have no power, heat, etc in the Philly area. We have been out at my house since 4 AM Wednesday and there does not seem to be any relief in sight. Maybe this weekend.

    So if you are waiting for packages, have a lot of patience. We had snow followed by ice, down trees, branches and wires, road closures, etc.
  2. Over in Camden Co we are lucky but in a lot of Philly suburbs, over half the population has no power.
  3. Over half of our township is dark. I guess the next purchase we make after a new oil tank will be a transfer switch for the generator. 5 labs to try to keep me warm tonight.
  4. what township? If you don't want to say on here I understand. A lot of my friends still have no power. I hope the labs are good heaters!
  5. I have a friend in Bryn Mawr that also is without heat... she was told that by 11am
    there would be someone to check ... Roads are very icy & difficult to travel.

    Keep warm everyone
  6. Oh my gosh. I'm in Western PA; it was very bad with the ice and snow; still alot left but roads clear. Had utilities through it thank goodness. Hope you're back up now.
  7. I work near Bryn Mawr. A lot of the roads there are still shut down.

    We were lucky in that our power came on at 1 PM today. Not enough time to have hot water for a shower but I had already gone to my MIL's to use her shower.

    (answered unluckystars message by pm)

  8. Hope everyone will be warm for the night & weekend

  9. Thanks for the info!
  10. Just got my power back 10PM last night [West Chester]
  11. I hope you all get warm soon.
    P.S. I'm in Georgia and I'm sure everyone knows by now that we are pitiful when it comes to snow.....or cold.... Etc.
  12. I'm in Georgia also, and we truly are pitiful with snow, I am originally from Michigan, and boy do I get teased..from family back home..
    Hope everyone in Philly stays warm..
  13. I'm from Colo. I get it too. Lol.
  14. There are still people here without power. I am ok but a friend of mine still has no power. Bryn Mawr area still has people in the dark.
  15. That is a super long time to go without power. About 10 years ago a really, really bad storm came through here and took a bunch of us out. The town next to me where I was employed at was out and running by gennerator for close to a week. It was crazy. You just couldn't shut down a jail and tell everyone to go home.

    My sister is in NC and when they get more than a bit of snow, everything comes to a standstill. Apparently they are just not equipped. They do not have the road salt.