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  1. My boyfriend and I are going somewhere in SE Asia in August for 2 weeks. Ive been to Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali, but he has not been before. We are trying pick the perfect place -we are looking at Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, back to Bali or Thailand or maybe somewhere we havent considered. We plan to go to 3-4 different areas of the country or countries we choose. We like culture, good food, beaches, and we will definitely spend a few days scuba diving. Any help or suggestions?
  2. For two weeks, I suggest Vietnam and Thailand. Go to VN first then take a side trip to Thailand. It's much cheaper.
  3. If you happen across Malaysia, try the island of Pulau Redang. Excellent beaches, crystal clear waters for snorkelling and diving (it's a protected coral and fish marine park). The last time I went there it cost me $200-ish CDN for 4 days, 3 nights, all-inclusive of food/stay. Best beaches I've ever seen.
  4. Do you have any other Malaysia advice? It is one of our top choices. Did you go to Borneo?
    I will look up Pulau Redang-that sounds perfect for our beach part of the trip.
  5. If you plan to re-visit Bali, why don't you also go to Komodo island which is nearcy -1.5 hour flight from Bali? It's a national park and also awarded world heritage status by UNESCO. While it's famous for its dragon, the underwater park is its hidden treasure. Totally recommend it.

    For the ultimate in diving experience, go to Raja Ampat in Papua, the richest marine diversity in the world (even above Great Barrier Reef) according to Time. It's also been nominated as UNESCO World Heritage. The culture of the mountenous Papuan is also interesting, but I dont recommend you to go there due to security issue (Note: Raja Ampat is very far from the conflict area). I dont have the link for the Time article, but since I remember sending it to Mark ERdmann, I am pretty sure it's on the net.

    If you're into history, another famous diving spot is Bunaken island in Manado. It is the home of the reptilic fish, the coealacanth. There's direct flight from Japan and Taiwan. However, the culture there is not too interesting for my liking. Except if you dont mind travelling to Toraja -in the same island-and see their exotic culture full of color and magic (as in the real magic).

    For seeing dugong and whale, I recommend you to go to Palawan, Philippines.

    As for the price range, I used to work for a marine-consevation consultancy, so I don't know the market price for all these places. However, do tell if you need recommendation on restaurants, hotels, etc.

    Hope that helps :biggrin:
  6. cakegirl, I'm also thinking of a one-wk trip somewhere in SE Asia too! Would love to hear what your itinerary is like..your ''likes'' are exactly the same as mine!
  7. If you only have one week-I would recommend Thailand. It is amazing and has everything you would want. Use Air Asia to get around the country-the flights are so cheap. Spend a few days in Bangkok and a few days on one of the islands (I went to Phuket and used Dive Asia for scuba-they were great) and if time allows spend a few days in Chiang Mai in the North. I really liked Chiang Mai and took some great Thai cooking classes there. PM me if you want any more info-I spent a month in Thailand last year.