SDJ vs Boy

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  1. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but hear me out! I am currently contemplating a small SDJ at 30% off (pre-owned) or saving up for a medium Chanel Boy.

    I am a student, and while the Chanel Boy is the one that makes my heart sing :loveeyes:, I feel like the SDJ is more practical. I don't know that I will have many occasions to use the Boy, nor will I always feel comfortable using such an expensive bag around my peers. If I got it, it would be a guilty indulgence that would most likely stay in my closet. Not to mention, 5000 is a lot for a student and who knows if there will be an increase by the time i can accord it.

    For the SDJ, I would definitely get more use out of it. I almost feel like it's too good of an opportunity to pass up, because normally they are 2,500-3,000. I recently got a baby one but I would like to add a small to my collection. I don't know that I would pay the full price for a small but this seems like a good price!

    Practicality vs emotions haha. Any new POV or input would be appreciated! I know this may be biased because this is all Chanel haha, but typically this forum is more active!
  2. I own a boy and have owned a small Sdj. The small SDJ is VERY heavy and if you already own a baby, probably not as necessary. The boy is a great bag and ALWAYS gets compliments. Its also the one you REALLY want.

    Also, SDJs go on sale all the time so you could get a new one 30% off or more if you wait til next season.
  3. I would pick the boy over sdj. However, buying a 5K bag is a complete waste if it will just be sitting in the closet especially for a student. Based on your usability preference/need, I think you should go for the sdj. Prices will always increase and your choices will change. I'd say buy the boy (or any 5K bag for that matter) when you know you will get good use out of it. You're a student right now. But eventually, you will start working. You will be able to save up for the bag you love and will use. If you decide that you will for sure use this boy bag more than it will sit in your closet, go for it. 5K is a lot of money. Good luck deciding :smile:
  4. pardon my ignorance but wat's sdj?
  5. Is it Sac de Jour bag? If it is, I agree that it is more practical But I would say save up and buy what you really want though.
  6. I think it's the YSL Sac De Jour? I am not completely sure... I agree that is a very heavy bag too..
  7. OP, you already have a baby SDJ and it sounds like you really want the Boy. If u buy the small SDJ now, you'll probably still want the Boy later. Isn't it better to put the ~$2000 towards what you really want and may eventually get? Even if you think you won't use the Boy often, you probably will! Such a gorgeous and functional bag!!! Let us know what u decide :smile:
  8. I really think you should get a boy! I am a student like you and have been able to use my Boy a lot ((I have a new medium which fits my iPad mini for textbooks and most of my professors upload the PowerPoint notes so I don't need to carry notebooks.)) The SDJ is VERY heavy and if you do have books to carry it is going to make it a lot worse. I'd suggest using a Longchamp bag for school if you have a bunch of books to carry, so that you don't have to worry about it getting damaged or dirty, and you can stuff it up a lot. Also the longer handles allow you to wear it on the shoulder.
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  9. Save for the boy! I think it's the 30% discount tempting you to purchase it.
  10. I would save for the Boy bag.
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  11. #11 Jun 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2016
    I have both - the small sdj and the old medium boy. It all depends on what your intended use for the new bag is, and if you are considering the new or old medium boy.

    I use the sdj as one of my work bags as I find the old medium boy too small to carry my work essentials - long wallet, cardholder, house and car keys, staff access card, Kleenex, wet wipes, makeup pouch with concealer stick, compact, lip balm and lipstick/gloss. I bring the boy on work days I have cocktail events in the evening and will have to replace the long wallet with a compact one, and just carry concealer and gloss instead of the whole make up pouch. I also use the boy often on the weekends and it's one of my favourite bags.

    Due to its structure and accordion sides, the sdj cannot hold my 13" laptop or A4 documents so you might want to take note of that if you wish to use it as a school bag. It is also very heavy on its own (mine weighs 1.3 kg empty) as others have pointed out. I don't really use the shoulder strap for fear of the metal clasps not holding out due to the sheer weight of the bag. The weight also takes a toil if you carry it everyday. Every few days I will need rotate to my 227 reissue or get shoulder aches. (I am in my 30s, go to the gym and am relatively fit.)

    If you intend to use it as a school bag, it may not be the most practical one for lugging around papers and laptop (I carry a separate Longchamp bag for those).

    Since you already have a baby sdj, I would vote for the boy bag since it's something you have always wanted!

    It took me 2 years to wait for the right boy in a material/colour/hardware combi I wanted to come along. So as and when the right boy comes along, you want to be able to get it quick. So it's better to continue saving have the cash ready for when the time comes.

    Hope it helps some! :smile:
  12. Thank you so much for your input everyone! I am always so grateful for the advice of TPF members :smile:
    You are right, I will save up for my Boy! I wanted to use the SDJ for school but since it is so heavy, I will just save up for the holy grail.
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  13. Ohhh I didn't know the new medium fits the ipad mini! I was considering the old medium because I liked the size. Thanks for your input and response :smile:

    I think you are right :P I realized that I wouldn't buy the SDJ at full why buy at all!

    This helps tons, thank you so much for writing all this out! I guess the SDJ is still not that practical for school.
    Wow 2 years! What combo did you end up getting, I would love to see pics!
  14. I have both: an old medium boy and a small SDJ. Yes they serve difference purposes. I agree that SDJ may not be the most practical bag for school because it is too small. It is however a very professional-looking bag that I use a lot for professional meetings and job interviews.
  15. Glad to be of some help!

    I wanted a caviar boy in old medium; caviar because the material is more hardy and I already have Chanels in lambskin and aged calfskin so I wanted variety, old medium because the size suits me more when I carry it single strap or crossbody. The new medium size looks too boxy on me (I am 5'4") when carried those ways. Was undecided between ghw and rhw.

    Last time caviar boys came out was Fall 2014 and I missed that boat. So I had to wait till pre fall 2016! The caviar this season is matte so I think the rhw suits it perfectly.

    Here's a badly taken pic I just snapped this morning on my iPhone for you. As you can see, I'm no pro with these things. Excuse the bad lighting and my own shadow :smile: