SDJ small vs baby size?? POLL.

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Which size should I get?

  1. Small size

  2. Baby size

  1. Hi lovelies!

    I am looking to purchase an original SDJ and am looking for your opinions and input on the small vs baby size. Can the small be worn cross body? Do you find it to be heavy? If you were only going to have one, which would be your first pick? Let me know and stay tuned for a reveal once I've made my purchase!!!
  2. Things to consider when picking between sizes:
    1. What will you carry in it? When I bought my bag, I brought all the things that I usually carry like my phone, wallet, sunglasses, etc with me to the boutique and placed them into the bag I wanted to buy. That way I could see if it all fits and how heavy it would be.
    2. When would you use it? An everyday errands bag, date night, etc.
    3. How will you mostly carry it? Cross body, top handle, on shoulder, etc.

    For myself, I would get the baby size because I don't carry much and love smaller bags. I tend to use my bags cross body as well and don't care about bags only appropriate for day/night.

    For future posts, I think including pictures would be nice to generate more discussion :smile:
    Pictured: nano, baby, small, large (according to here).
  3. I chose the baby size because I wanted my bag to be more of a casual handbag rather than a work bag. I felt in the bigger sizes it started to look more corporate. The baby size looks great on the shoulder and also crossbody in addition to be a perfect size to hand/arm carry. It also fits quite a lot for its size.
  4. I prefer the baby in the original style, but the small in the new souple. The structure looks great in the smaller size, but found it doesn't have the same ... something when the leather has a bit of slouch to it.
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  5. The Baby is the best size for me. I have two
  6. Love the baby!!! It's perfect crossbody. Small feels more like a business bag, it's not as effortless IMO.