SDJ price increase??

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  1. i have bookmarked my most lusted after bag - the SDJ in Mandarine.. after having a look at it today I noticed a £200(!) increase from Harrods vs Selfridges

    Harrods £1,735.00

    Selfridges £1,560.00

    is this right?? it seems like a huge jump for me - especially for the small size!
  2. Yes it is. Do you know is it already increase in the store as well?
  3. #3 Apr 19, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
    Yikes! When will US follow suit?

    Strange, if you search sac de jour on Harrods' web site, you'll see the prices are all over. Look at light blue vs neon yellow, they are the same size, but the prices have a difference of £135.
  4. nope :confused1: not a clue, just confused as to why some department stores have increased their prices and some haven't!!

    i know, i'm very confused by it all. a real shame i think because the price increase just puts it waaay out of my buying comfort zone - and possibly many other people's too. may as well buy a Celine for that kind of money!!
  5. I want to buy mine before that happens here. I did see at a red SDJ for way more than it should be, but realized the expensive model had little studs all over the lock cover.
  6. I asked my bag girl at NM who checked with her manager, a price increase was news to them. She said she'd text me if she heard anything.
  7. let me know what she says! Selfridges have now increased the price to match Harrods :tdown:

  8. Will do. I am seeing the small at Saks for 2550 and 2750. :/

    I do find it strange that Saks sells the same Prada WOC for 30 dollars more than NM. Weird.
  9. One of my SA said it will be this saturday 😁
  10. What country are you from?
  11. Us 😊

  12. Thank you! These price increases have made me lose my taste for bag shopping :/.
  13. I'm in SoCal and I was talking to a SA about holding a bag for me and she said to come in before Monday because their price increase will take effect that day! :sad: