SD NM Last Call stock & my new Spearmint Multipocket! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! Tonight I went to the San Diego NM Last Call. My boyfriend is out of town and I thought "what the heeeey...," all my shows are being tivo'ed and I have nothing to do. Even though right now I am trying to "save money."

    I have never been to that store before but I live a semi-short drive from San Diego, so I mapquested the directions to the store and took off right when I got home from work. Well halfway there I decided it would probably be a good idea to read the directions and see what exit I'm supposed to get off at. It said the exit was "THE LAST USA EXIT" exit. I thought "what a weird exit name?" A few minutes later it hit me, I was driving to Mexico basically! Sure enough it was the last exit in the USA before crossing into Mexico. And thank god I exited! I could totally see me missing the exit and crossing the border.

    Well going there was a bad idea because I brought home a large Spearmint Multipocket. Well it was a good idea because I loveLOVElove the bag, but a bad idea for the whole "saving money" thing. Oh well.

    They had a pretty good selection of MJ bags so I just wanted to let everyone know about all the pretty bags I saw. I wanted to take pictures but my cell phone battery died on me, so I wrote a quick list instead. The ladies who worked there probably thought I was nuts. I didn't get prices on all of the bags, well didn't write them down at least because I didn't want the SA's there to think I was too weird.

    I saw:
    A Large Multipocket in Ferrari Red!! (It was a toss up between this bag and the Spearmint for me, but I am a sucker for teal bags.)
    Sophias in Peacock Blue, Bark and Emerald!! (Emerald was sooo pretty!)
    Small Multipockets in Cantaloupe, Eggplant, Sap Green and Thistle!!
    Two beautiful Tomato Red Venetias!!
    One GOLD Venetia!
    They also had a burgundish Kina Turnlock bag. It had minor scuffs on it, but they might be able to be buffed out.
    5 Kirsten bags - 2 Dark browns, 2 forest greens and 1 blue (similar to peacock)
    Coin purses in Indigo and Bark.​

    It was hard to pick just one but the Spearmint did it for me. Yay. Here it is!:yahoo:

    I also have a Peacock Blue Sophia on its way in the mail to me too. :shame:
    mj-001.jpg mj-003.jpg mj1.jpg
  2. Oooooh, LOVE that color! Spearmint is definitely my #1 MJ color (other than black). CONGRATS on a gorgeous bag! May I ask how much it retailed for at NM Last Call?

    I wonder if it's possible to find a Spearmint Venetia these days (not at the ~$990 or so full retail price)....?
  3. Oh wow!! Adorable!! Love teal bags too... great choice! Congrats!

    And you are too funny how you posted the colors in their respective colors.
    I've always wanted to go the the SD LC, but never have time to make it down to SD.... now I will have to go next time I get a chance! And thanks so much for your photos.
  4. thithi - Now I think I will be driving down there A LOT! :lol: The SA told me she will call me when new MJ bags come in. Hopefully she will, er' won't so I can "save money." Really I hope she will. Next time I will drive during the day though. It was kind of scary at night alone, and being on the edge of the US border. But well worth the risk, and anyway I had my large stuffed hangbag to use as a weapon.
  5. congrats it's GORGEOUS!! do you remember how much the coin purses were selling for?
  6. It's gorgeous, Kirsten! I love the large MP. I have not seen it in spearmint before.
  7. Congrats Kirsten!! I have a Spearmint Blake and it's a gorgeous color!

    Your story made me laugh. Thank goodness you took the right exit!:p
  8. Your bag is sooo pretty~!!

    Do you remember how much is the Small Multipockets? What is the size difference between large and small??
    Also how much is the Sophie one?? Thanks sooo much~!!!
  9. Very Cute! Enjoy!
  10. I love the way you used the colors to show what they had there! Your multipocket is fantastic! Enjoy it!
  11. Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL bag! I love the MP and the Spearmint color is just gorgeous! :yes:

    And foxycleopatra, I just saw a Spearmint Venetia (and Sophia!) last Sunday at the Neiman Marcus Last Call Center in Milpitas, CA! It was priced at about $650 I believe... Their number is (408) 941-1623. Hope this helps!
  12. MULTIPOCKET: 9.5 x 9 x 5"
    LG MULTIPOCKET: 13 x 11 x 5"
  13. Pretty color! So bright! Enjoy it!
  14. May I ask what you paid for your bag? I saw you mentioned there is a Ferrari Red one there... same bag, just a different color than yours, right? Guessing it would be the same price? I am thinking of a red bag. Do the bags that end of at places like that have flaws, are they returns, overstocks... and what condition are they in? Thank you!
  15. According to stores I spoke with, items are sent to outlets when they don't sell out after rounds of mark-downs. In addition to the so-called leftovers (their description), stores sometimes send past season returns of outdated colors instead of putting them back on the floor.