Scuola ribbon/band closure a pain or not?

  1. hey all toki lovers!

    i am wondering what some of you think about the scuola's ribbon/band attachment closure? you have to put it thru the two metal rings everytime you want to close the it a pain? or do you get used to doing it all the time? and the cincher! load of work?!:sweatdrop:

    keep on tokin!
  2. lol... I'm fine w/ it... at times it does get annoying but you get used to it :smile:

    it's not a lot of work either. Just thru both, thru one... that's all.... like those old fashioned belts!
  3. I really don't think it takes long at all. Never even considered it to be an issue.
  4. I use one of my 3 scuolas almost everyday. Not a pain at all. I also like that if something is a little oversized you can not tighten it as much and have a little extra room for something boxier.
  5. thanks all for the feedback!

    i was deliberating if i should get a scuola at all....perhaps if i come upon a good deal i will! i am trying to hold out for a zucca! <hold out, yeah, like as if that's easy!>

    i am used to more sporty backpacks (like Dakine's....i just love them so much i have 4 and 3 have the hawaiian lei flowers on it and they have good back support for heavy loads) when i saw the toki scuola closure, i freaked!....tho i think i will get used to it if you guys seem not to be bothered by it.;)
  6. To tell you the truth, I think it's faster than a zipper....
  7. I think it's better than a zipper. Me and zippers don't always get along :tdown: